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Israeli Dancing Sites

(Note: some links on this page are no longer updated)

Arden, Delaware International folk dancing on Wednesdays (the 4th Wednesday of each month is Israeli dancing)
Arizona Israeli dancing
Atlanta Israeli dancing
Ken Avner's excellent web site has a wealth of information and views on Israeli dancing, including etiquette, and information on Boston area dance sessions
Ayelet's dance page
Bat Amanoot Israeli Dancing/Music newsletter
Gadi Biton, choreographer
Boston Israeli dancing
Capital Dance by Shmuel Batzri, including his dance weekend in Pennsylvania and dance sessions in the Washington, DC area
Yoni Carr's site, including her dance sessions and workshops in southern California
Chagigah Israeli dance weekend at OSRUI in Wisconsin
Cleveland Israeli Dancing
Boaz Cohen, choreographer
Columbus, Ohio Israeli Dancing
David Dassa's site, including his dance sessions and Rikud camp in southern California
Yehuda Emanuel's site and catalog
England's Israeli Folk Dance Institute
Israeli dance videos by Larry Marcus
France's Israeli dancing site
Germany's Israeli dancing site
Mona Goldstein's Israeli dancing site (Washington, DC area)
Hawaii Israeli dancing
Hebrew Songs site has the words and English translations to many of the songs that we dance to
Jason Hecht's dance page (Southern California)
Hilulim dance weekend
Hora Keff dance camp in August
Hora Or site (France)
Hora Shemesh dance camp in France
Hungary's Israeli dancing site
International Folk Dancing, the Folk Dance Association
Israeli Dance Australia is the most comprehensive Israeli dance site anywhere, including a searchable database of Israeli dances, dance sessions and more
IsraeliDance.com site with searchable databases of Israeli Dance sessions (you can find one in your area) and of Israeli Dances, and links to many dance weekends
Israeli Dance Institute in New York City
Jacksonville, Florida Israeli dancing
Japan Israeli Dancing
Jewish & Israeli music Midi Library
Letras de Rikudim site in Argentina, with translations into Spanish of many Israeli dances
Machol Miami dance weekend in December
Nashville, Tennessee Israeli dancing
New Orleans Israeli dancing
Nirkoda dance group in Melbourne, Australia
Organization of Israeli Dance Leaders (Markidim)
Rikudei Dor Rishon, older Israeli dances, New York City
Rochester, New York Israeli dancing
Rokdim site in Israel, including audio and video tapes and articles about Israeli dancing
Rokdim Yechefim Israeli dance e-zine (New Zealand)
Sababa Memorial Day weekend camp in New York State
San Antonio Israeli Dancing
San Diego Israeli Dancing
Don Schillinger's site, including his dance sessions in the Philadelphia area
Oren Shmuel, choreographer
St. Louis, Missouri Israeli dancing
Robin Starr's site (Australia)
Toronto Israeli Dancing
Loui Tucker's site, Israeli dancing in northern California
Utah Israeli dancing
Vancouver Israeli dancing
Videos of Israeli dances on the Web, by Les Posen
Israel Yakovee, choreographer

Sites About Israel and Support for Israel

AIPAC, America's Pro-Israel Lobby
Americans for a Safe Israel
CAMERA, Committee for Accurate Middle East Reporting in America
Campus Watch
DAFKA, counteracting campus hate
Daniel Pipes is one of the most brilliant commentators on the Middle East
Facts and Logic about the Middle East
Facts of Israel
Flying to Israel
Government of Israel, official web site
Honest Reporting
IMRA Middle East News and Analysis
International Christian Zionist Center
International Wall of Prayer (Christian)
IRIS, Information Regarding Israel's Security
Israel Hasbara Fellowships
Israel Defense Forces
Israel Hasbara Committee
Israel National News
Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
JINSA, Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs
Just the Facts on Israel
Media Objectivity is often lacking in Middle East reporting
Middle East Forum
MEMRI, Middle East Media Research Institute. Find out what the Arab press is saying.
Middle East Truth
Myths and Facts about the Arab-Israeli conflict
National Unity Coalition for Israel, Jewish and Christian organizations working together
Naomi Ragen, novelist and commentator
Omdurman, a defense of Western Civilization
Palestinian Media Watch. What is the other side saying?
Sabra Net
Yashiko Sagamori, Japanese commentator on the Middle East
Stand With Us to support Israel
U.S.-Israel relations, from the Jewish Virtual Library
Upstart Activist
Simon Wiesenthal Center
Zionist Organization of America
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My Favorite News Sites

Debka (not a dance site!!), excellent political news and analysis
Delaware Online
Fox News
Jerusalem Post
Jerusalem Report magazine
Jewish World Review
USA Today
World Net Daily

Eurovision Song Contest Sites

Official Eurovision site
ESC Insight
ESC Tips
Israel Broadcasting Eurovision site
Oiko Times (Greece)
Wiwi Blogs "Eurovision with attitude"

Chess and Shogi Sites

Places to play chess online for free!
Spark Chess, Chess Cube, Postcard Chess, Chess.com, Alilg, Chess Free, FICS.
The Chess Cafe
The Chess Portal
Improve your chess fast
Kasparov Chess
MECCA Chess Encyclopedia
U.S. Chess Federation
Assorted links for Shogi (Japanese Chess)
Shogi Net
U.S. Shogi Federation

Favorite Sports Sites

CBS Sports Line
Fox Sports
Major League Baseball

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